Corbels are a great addition to any decoration scheme when trying to add a subtle touch of design. Plain, decorative and ornamental corbels will provide a quick and attractive statement to any interior or exterior surface. It was originally intended as a decorative bracket to be placed under beams and arches, but corbel soon found many other wonderful uses and became an integral design addition to be found in the best houses where stylish detail mattered.

Corbel design ideas and uses 

There are several ways that you can incorporate the charm of corbels that will look great as part of your home décor:

1) Openings

Corbels placed under beams or arches can act as decorative corner supports.

2) Sconces

These can be attached to wall surfaces and used as a decorative support, where a vase, statue, bust, floral display or even a free standing light fitting can be placed etc.

3) Shelving

You can place corbels on walls at various distances and topped with wood, glass, stone, marble or granite shelves.

4) Console Tables

You can place a pair of substantial corbels to a wall at dado/table height and attaching a top of various material types such as wood, stone, glass, granite, marble, etc. to create an attractive wall table design.

5) Book Ends (free standing) 

Choose the corbel size suitable to the size of your books and simply place on a shelf or table to support your books, ledgers etc. and create an amazing pair of architectural book ends.

6) Mantel Shelves

Fix the corbels of your choice to the wall on each side of your fireplace opening and attach a top shelf made from various material types such as wood, marble, stone granite, glass etc, and get an instant decorative designer mantelpiece.

Choosing Your Corbels

Choose by design

As with much of our product range, you can get the look you desire from your plasterwork by simply viewing our selection of beautiful corbel designs. Just choose your corbel, place your order and we do the rest!

Choose by period

If you know the period or age of your building and you would like to install corbels that 
are sympathetic to that era we have the corbel for you, we have divided our corbel collection into six main period types to help you make the best choice.
Choose by size

When it comes to using corbels and in particular placing them under beams, wall openings and arches etc, it is good to bear in mind that the top of your corbel was traditionally designed to slightly project past the outer edges to the underside of the opening.

However, allowing your corbel to fall slightly inside the edge of the beam is fine, as long as it does not appear to be lost or too insignificant. All other uses according to size will be simply a matter of preference.

We are always happy to help you so call us today and let’s talk plaster!

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